Dalmat Engineering Projects, established in 2001 and based in Alrode, Johannesburg, South Africa provides cost-effective technologies for:

  1. production of char (devolatised coal) from bituminous coals,
  2. extraction of oils (kerogen) from oil shales / torbanite

The Dalmat pyrolisation technologies process bituminous coals to produce either char coke or retort coke which can be used as a carbon reductant and blended with or substitute metallurgical coke.

The same pyrolisation technology can be equipped to capture the condensable liquids from the evolved volatile gasses from the process, therefore it is also suited to capture oils/tars from oil shales (torbanite) which can be marketed in the petroleum industries.

The Dalmat technologies can be utilised in the following areas:

  1. Ferro-Chrome, Ferro-Silicon and other Smelting Operations
    To become self-sufficient and independent in carbon reductant requirements.

  2. Coal Mines
    To coal mines with suitable bituminous coal stock in order to maximize adding value for the complete range of the ‘Run of Mine” (ROM) coal production.

  3. Existing Coke Producing Industries
    To increase production capacity with low capital investment, low operating costs, low maintenance and environmentally friendly plants, and to widen the carbon products spectrum.

  4. Iron and Steel Making Industries (Blast Furnaces)
    To blend retort coke with metallurgical coke in blast furnaces to reduce furnace carbon reductant charge cost.

  5. Coal Mine with Oil Shale (Torbanite) Stock Reserves
    To process un-used oil shale (torbanite) material rejected from coal mining operations for crude tar / kerogen and oil collection which could be marketed to petroleum industries.